Magic Carpet Cleaning by the RugSteam Experts

Do you know what is creeping around in your carpet? Even if you cannot spot it, its surely there: Dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, mold and much, much more. For truly clean carpets that look and feel great, call upon the experts at RugSteam.

Carpets have a tendency to attract dirt, odors, dust and more like its nobody’s business. In some ways, the fact that carpet fibers so successfully trap filth is a good thing, since they prevent all those pollutants from circulating about in our breathing air. At the same time, when carpet fibers are disturbed, that dust and grime get stirred and then its back in the air you breath.

Luckily, the experts at RugSteam have developed a dependable and safe deep steam cleaning system that thoroughly cleans your carpets. RugSteam extracts those stubborn stains and pollutants, neutralizes odors, and freshens the color and texture of your carpet. Your carpet, after RugSteam is finished, will appear bright and new once again.

Although it is important to vacuum your carpet a few times a week, nothing can beat the power of professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning. In order to prolong the longevity of your carpet, it’s key that you get it cleaned professionally once or twice a year for ideal results. And no company delivers you better services–at an affordable price at that–than RugSteam. The team at RugSteam works meticulously to ensure you outstanding results, and with RugSteam, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you have pets or kids, you know how stubborn carpet stains and odors can be. With the professional carpet cleaners at RugSteam, who are equipped with the knowledge and technology you need, stains and odors will melt away. And RugSteam deeply appreciates that your health is the top priority–which is why the company only uses organic cleaning products that are safe for babies, pets, individuals with respiratory concerns and everyone else.

RugSteam offers same-day services, so professional carpet cleaning has never been this accessible and hassle-free. For a healthier office or home, call upon the carpet cleaning experts today. Enjoy a like-new carpet today–a carpet so inviting you will want to do just about everything reclining on it.

About RugSteam
RugSteam is a leading carpet, rug and furniture cleaning company based in New York. The company also offers repair and installation services, as well as mold, water and fire damage removal services. RugSteam proudly serves commercial and residential clients in the NY-NJ-CT Tri-State region. To learn more, please visit RugSteam today.

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