Responsible Eco Cleaning by RugSteam

Your health is what matters most. Below, RugSteam explains the importance of using eco cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment.

Responsible eco cleaning is of prime importance at RugSteam, a leading carpet, rug, and furniture cleaning company based in the New York Tri-State area. For the sake of everyone’s health, RugSteam has made the distinct choice to utilize only green and organic cleaning products that are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritating. RugSteam’s ecological, natural cleaners are certified by The Carpet & Rug Institute, Green Seal, and Environmental Choice, so when you choose RugSteam, you actively choose to protect your health.

If you have children or pets at home, or if you, a loved one, or an employee in your office suffers from a respiratory condition, then it is of paramount importance that you choose a professional cleaner that vows to only use safe cleaning products. RugSteam values the health of its clients, as well as the health of its technicians, above all else, and is thus proud to use chemical-free green cleaning products.

The fact is, unfortunately, many cleaning products out on the market today, including those used by some commercial cleaning companies, contain chemicals that have been clinically proven to cause harm to the human body. An example of such a chemical is Naphthalene. On top of that, such chemical cleaners, when released into the atmosphere or discarded, may cause environmental degradation. That said, RugSteam never, ever uses harsh chemical cleaners, but, rather, utilizes smart, clean, green and safe cleaning mechanisms. For example, the hot water extraction system used by RugSteam is a highly effective and safe way to clean your furniture, rugs and carpets. RugSteam is also pleased to use organic cleaning agents such as table salt, citric acid, soda ash and more–things you can even find in your kitchen!

So, take care of your health, and avoid harmful cleaning products. Grant yourself peace of mind by choosing RugSteam, and know that your health, as well as the health of those around you, is never compromised. Not only do RugSteam cleaning technicians use eco friendly cleaning products to service your home or office, but they also remove harmful pollutants and dirt that accumulate in your furniture, carpets and rugs. Thus, RugSteam’s comprehensive rug, carpet, upholstery, mattresses and leather cleaning services deliver you the safe and powerful cleaning solutions you can always depend on.

More About RugSteam
RugSteam is a leading rug, carpet, and furniture cleaning company based in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Tri-State area. The company is pleased to offer commercial and residential clients superior deep cleaning services that leave them not only with a cleaner home or work environment, but also with a healthier one. RugSteam is proud to utilize eco cleaning products that are gentle on everyone in the family. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed when you hire RugSteam. Please learn more about RugSteam and its services and values by visiting today.

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