Let the Experts at RugSteam Clean and Protect Your Boat Carpets

Set sail with RugSteam’s professional yacht and boat carpet cleaning services. Carpets in marine environments need regular cleaning to keep them functioning and looking their best. As with the carpets in your home, boat or yacht carpeting accumulates dirt and spills from continuous rolling traffic. In addition to stains, dirt, and allergens, these carpets are also subjected to tough environmental agents like algae, saltwater, persistent moisture and exposure to sunlight. This means that yacht and boat carpets require regular professional cleaning to maintain and protect them. Trust the experienced professionals at RugSteam to keep your boat or yacht carpeting clean and protected for your next 3-hour tour.

RugSteam Gives You Lasting Clean and Protection

The protective sealants and guards that cover most boat and yacht carpeting wear off over time. After this happens, simple spills and stains can cause permanent damage. Holes, tears, mold, stains and discoloration begin to deteriorate your boat or yacht and damage your investment. The trained technicians at RugSteam will deep clean your yacht and boat carpets, leaving them protected and looking fresh. Our proven cleaning method gets deep within the carpet fibers to thoroughly extract all damaging substances and dirt. We only use non-toxic, green cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment.

Marine carpeting is like any other carpet–After you invest hard-earned money into a boat or yacht, you want to make sure to protect that investment by giving it the care and maintenance needed to preserve its beauty and longevity. Another important reason to have your boat or yacht carpeting professionally cleaned is mold. Mold can cause health and respiratory issues that are easily avoided. Regular steam cleaning of your boat or yacht carpeting by the professionals at RugSteam can get rid of mold and lengthen the life of your boat carpet. RugSteam is a proud member of the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. So, call our certified carpet cleaning technicians to get the dirt, grime, mold, AND fishy smell out of your boat or yacht carpeting today! Trust us, Captain. Your crew and guests will appreciate it!

Let the Trained Professionals at RugSteam Protect Your Investment!

  • Effective: See the impressive difference we make when we professionally clean your boat and/or yacht carpet thoroughly and efficiently. We will rejuvenate your seacraft so it’s ready for the journey ahead!
  • Green Cleaning: We use safe, non-toxic, green cleaning products that are safe for you, everyone on board your craft, and every creature swimming in the sea!
  • Healthy Air: We remove potentially hazardous mold, bacteria, pollutants and more from your boat so that everyone can breathe in fresh sea air.
  • Best Market Prices: We’re pleased to offer you the the best deals in yacht and boat carpet cleaning services.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer same day service and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with our boat and yacht cleaning services, we’ll return on board for free!
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