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Your carpet–it’s what helps make your home feel truly inviting and warm. It’s what unites all the elements in the office. It’s where the kids play, the pets cuddle, and you feel it everyday under your toes. So, shouldn’t you take care of your carpet and protect it so that it is clean and fresh year after year? At RugSteam, we strongly believe that everyone should fully enjoy their carpets–and at a competitive price at that. Thats why we’re proud to offer you comprehensive carpet cleaning and carpet care services that can be customized precisely for your needs.

Love Your Carpet!

Your carpet embellishes your sacred living or working space–so give your carpet the attention it needs. At RugSteam, we offer clients the following carpet services:

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Do you know what's living in your carpet? Well there is probably quite a bit creeping around in it. Even if you can't see it--its there: Dust mites, dust, mold, allergens, bacteria and more. And, of course, you are probably...

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  • Carpet Sales

    RugSteam is here to help you select the ideal carpeting for your home or office. Choosing your carpet with RugSteam is an enjoyable, stress-free process, and we guarantee you both ultimate quality and highly competitive pricing. If you reside in...

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  • Carpet Repair & Restoration

    Damage to carpets can happen quickly, resulting from an accident, or over time through regular use. It comes in all sizes and shapes, small to large. Carpets are a major investment and it is important to have them serviced by...

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  • Carpet Installation

    Ready to use your new carpet at you office or home? RugSteam is ready to install your carpet--we’re your go-to carpet specialists in the New York and Tri-state area. Well make the carpet installation process run smoothly and efficiently for...

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RugSteam gladly consult you as you select the ideal carpet for your home or office, and installs your carpet quickly and efficiently. If your carpet is damaged or at risk of getting damaged, then count on RugSteam to devise the perfect solution, and restore your carpet. Your carpet is a serious investment; don’t risk damaging it beyond repair, and maintain it with regular cleaning and repairs with the industry experts: RugSteam.

After we clean your carpet, it will look fantastic. Stains will melt away, the texture will be greatly improved, and the coloring will be crisp and vibrant. Moreover, in addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your carpet, we also make your living and working environment healthier by removing harmful pollutants, allergens, molds, bacteria and more from your carpet. And since we use non-toxic, eco-friendly and organic carpet cleaning solutions, you are guaranteed healthy indoor air. Contact us today to get started–you (and your carpet) will love the difference our complete carpet care services will make, satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Choose RugSteam?

  • Comprehensive Services: RugSteam offers top-of-the-line carpet sales, carpet Installation, carpet cleaning and carpet repair services.
  • Your Complete Satisfaction: Our job is never complete until you are wholly satisfied–that is our guarantee. We will be back free of charge to care for your carpet until our mission is accomplished, since your satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • Clear-Cut Results: Nothing stands up against the toughness of RugSteam. We conquer even the deepest, oiliest stains; we prevail over the harshes odors, burns or tears. For any carpet-related issue you may be experiencing, we devise a customized solution for you.
  • Top-Notch Cleaning Technology: Our carpet technicians utilize above-industry-standard carpet cleaning equipment and technology. We use state-of-the-art machines and tools to effectively and safely install, clean, and repair your carpets.
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions: Your health and safety is of paramount importance to us. RugSteam only uses the most advanced carpet cleaning, repair and installation products that are non toxic and derived from organic compounds. This keeps you, your family, your colleagues, pets and friends safe, and keep our technicians safe as they work.
  • Healthier Indoor Air: RugSteam, simply put, grants you the peace of mind knowing that your home or office is now a healthier environment to inhabit. We so effectively eliminate dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria and mold that you will feel the healthy difference yourself everytime you take a deep breath in your home or office.
  • Expert Technicians: We hire and train skilled, diligent and communicative technicians and managers. Our certified technicians are experts in their trade and are licensed, insured, and bonded. We are constantly staying ahead of the game by upgrading our technology and by updating our technicians’ training regimens.
  • Competitive Pricing: Beyond offering clients highly competitive prices on all their carpet care needs, we offer extensive discounts and flexible payment packages.
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