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RugSteam is here to help you select the ideal carpeting for your home or office. Choosing your carpet with RugSteam is an enjoyable, stress-free process, and we guarantee you both ultimate quality and highly competitive pricing. If you reside in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, then turn to the RugSteam carpet sale department to deliver you a superb carpet that you will enjoy year after year. Give us a call now for genuine, obligation-free consultation and an estimate.

The Carpet Experts

What carpet should you choose? What factors should you keep in mind? What about color palettes and textures? The RugSteam carpet sale team has years upon years of experience in carpet sales, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Indeed, carpets are a big investment, so it’s important to team up with the professionals so that you can ensure yourself the best possible deal. Don’t get swamped in all the questions–turn to us for affordable, effective carpeting solutions.

Carpets: Apart from enriching the beauty of your office or home, carpets are highly functional and thus can provide you with the perfect flooring solution. Indeed, wall to wall carpeting provides you with insulation, meaning that you will see your energy costs go down. Moreover, carpets effectively trap unwanted things like dust, germs, pet dander, dust mites, dirt, various allergens and more, so that they are not circulating about in the air in your home or office. So long as you regularly deep-clean your carpet with RugSteam, you can easily remove these pollutants and enjoy truly clean, healthy indoor air.

The list of advantages to getting carpeting goes on: Carpets are cozy, slip-resistant, and noise reducing. From patterns to textures, carpets can be selected from a wide variety of options to suit every taste. Finally, carpets can actually cost you far less than other flooring materials, such as wood, marble, or tile. Here at RugSteam, we offer you an impressive, instock selection of stain-resistant carpets at the best prices you can find on today‚Äôs market. And of course, our carpet installation team can install your new carpet right away at your office or home. We offer you comprehensive warranties for our carpets, and we’re your go-to crew for carpet repair and carpet cleaning.

The RugSteam Carpet Sales Advantage:

  • Consult with Us: We offer expert carpet selection consultation. Just give our carpet sales team a call to learn about all your options.
  • Wide Selection: We offer you a huge, instock selection of carpets to choose from, with an impressive array of colors and styles.
  • Expert Technicians: We employ distinguished technicians who are ready to install and maintain your carpet.
  • Competitive Pricing: You can enjoy the most competitive prices on carpeting when you purchase through us. Plus, various warranty packages are available.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we only consider our job done when you are entirely satisfied.
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