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A clean and organized office environment has been proven to increase productivity and create a positive first impression on potential customers, vendors and other visitors. More importantly, work spaces are often the most dirty and germ infested places we spend time in during the day. Bacteria, germs and allergens are working right along side of you threatening the health and productivity your employees. RugSteam will tackle your office’s specific needs with our IICRC-certified cleaning and restoration specialists who will disinfect hard surfaces in your office (such as your keyboard, mouse, phone, desk, and trash receptacles), as well as sanitize and deodorize your cubicle walls and office chairs.

Cubicle Cleaning Services at Their Best

If your office has cubicles, you should be getting them professionally cleaned once or twice a year to keep them looking new and free from harmful contaminants and allergens. The professionals at RugSteam have the knowledge and attention to detail required to keep your office cubicles looking new, while respecting the work area of your employees and maintaining a clean environment free of dust or trash.

The professional technicians at RugSteam take office cubicle cleaning seriously. We inspect and clean every part of the system to ensure a thorough cubicle cleaning process. Your business can rely on the expert cubicle cleaning processes offered by the RugSteam team. We specialize in professional steam cleaning, ensuring your cubicles look new and make the impression that is important to your business.

Our specialized process begins with the removal of dry soil with a professional-grade vacuum using an upholstery attachment. The next step is soil emulsification to break down difficult stains. This involves spraying the cubicle walls with a preconditioning solvent that will absorb and disperse the soil. Depending on the severity of the stain, this agent might also be agitated with soft bristled brushes. Once the soil has been emulsified, a special upholstery cleaning tool with a hot water rinse is used to remove the stain and any residue left behind by the preconditioning. The final step is dry the cubicles. To learn more or for free consultation and an estimate get in touch with RugSteam today.

The RugSteam Cubicle Cleaning Advantage

  • Effective: You will see the impressive difference we will make when we professionally clean your cubicles thoroughly and efficiently, without interrupting the flow of your business and disturbing the productivity of your employees.
  • Green Cleaning: We use non-toxic, eco cleaning products that are safe for everyone in the office, even those with respiratory concerns.
  • Healthy Air: We remove dust, pollutants, mold, irritants from your cubicle so effectively that everyone will notice yourself the healthy difference we make to your cubicle area.
  • Best Market Prices: We’re pleased to offer you the lowest prices on cleaning services available on today’s market.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not absolutely satisfied with our cubicle cleaning services, we’ll return for free!
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