Fire Damage Restoration by the RugSteam Experts

We understand how emotionally and economically stressful it is to endure a fire disaster at your business or home. What matters first and foremost is that everyone is safe. Next, after checking with the fire department that it is safe to return to the premises, it’s time for the fire and smoke restoration process. Thats when we’re here for you. RugSteam is proud to offer you comprehensive fire restoration services that will bring back life and vitality to your key living areas. We work our magic to restore your home or office and the contents within with superior results–guaranteed. Our technicians know how to handle your property in the aftermath of a fire will great skill, and are fully prepared to handle even the gravest fire and smoke disaster with care and professionalism. Call on us day or night and we’ll respond immediately to your emergency.

Our Fire Restoration Services: Safety First

Restore and repair your home or office to it’s original state, or near original state, by hiring RugSteam’s fully trained, licensed, bonded and insured fire restoration professionals. Our immediate-response fire restoration team will come to your premises and diagnose your situation, and subsequently plan the optimal response. We take a holistic approach to fire cleanup and consider a variety of factors such as fire type, damage type, the presence of toxic compounds, debris, soot, extinguisher foam, and other variables that must be examined during the cleaning phase.

Next, we execute a thorough fire, smoke and odor removal process. Our skilled technicians use advanced repair, sanitizing, cleaning, and deodorizing techniques and equipment to restore your floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, carpets, rugs, curtains and more. The organic, non-toxic cleaning products we use are highly effective for fire and smoke clean up, and they are hypoallergenic and safe for infants, pets and individuals with respiratory issues. Thus, we ensure that your home or office is a healthy environment to inhabit, free of smoke or chemical cleaners. We go above and beyond industry standards when it come to fire restoration to ensure your health and safety. Call us today for free consultation and a free visit from one our specialists.

The Benefits of Choosing RugSteam:

  • Effective: Were the most dependable fire damage restoration company in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We deliver you the best results, thanks to our meticulous, skilled technicians, and our advanced fire clean up techniques and technology.
  • Green: Our guarantee is that we only use non-toxic, green cleaning products that are safe for everyone, including the environment.
  • Health-Minded: Our priority is to ensure that your home or office is a healthy place after we’ve successfully completed the fire restoration process. We expertly remove all the ash, pollutants, grime and more so that you can return to a healthy, clean living space.
  • Affordable: We offer highly competitive prices, as well as flexible payment options, to deliver you exceptional and affordable fire restoration services.
  • We Guarantee Your Satisfaction: We are certain that you will be totally satisfied with our fire damage restoration services–and if you are not, we will come back to your home or office for free.
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