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Mold–you may want it on your cheese, but certainly not in your carpet! Call on RugSteam’s expert mold remediation team to remove all that stubborn mold from anywhere in your home or office. We use the best equipment out there to root out mold for long lasting results you can see, feel and smell. It’s very important to professionally take care of potentially toxic mold infestation problems as soon as possible, before they get out of hand. Call RugSteam today for a free estimate, and to schedule a free inspection by one of our trained mold removal professionals.

No More Mold!

At the very first sign of mold, it’s key to call the experts to root it out before it starts to fester and spread, thus damaging your floors, fabrics, carpets and more. Indeed, toxic, hazardous mold can be creeping in various areas within your office or home. Moist, warm places in which condensation accumulates are prime hot spots for mold. Toxic mold can feed on drywall, carpet, wood, sheetrock, and other building materials, thus jeopardizing your health and the integrity of your infrastructure. More often than not, mold can be found within carpets or ventilation systems.

Never attempt to tackle the removal of mold on your own with ordinary cleaning equipment, such as a vacuum, since touching or inhaling dangerous mold can lead to serious health issues, and is particularly hazardous to children or individuals with respiratory concerns. Protect your health! We care deeply about your health and safety at RugSteam, so let us take care of mold problems with our professional equipment and mold removal experts.

Call RugSteam for free consultation, an estimate, and a free visit. We will thoroughly inspect your home or office, and propose a mold removal plan that is tailor-fitted to your situation. We are well equipped to remove moisture and toxic mold from affected materials and surfaces. We also have the tools and expertise needed to safely dispose of toxic mold and contaminated materials. After we have dried, treated, and removed the mold, we will repair, clean, disinfect, and deodorize the relevant area to ensure your home or office is safe, comfortable and clean.

Why Choose RugSteam for Mold Removal?

  • Your Complete Satisfaction: Our mold removal job is never complete until you are absolutely satisfied–that is our guarantee.
  • Clear Results: No mold can stand up against the toughness of RugSteam. We conquer even the thickest, toxic mold colonies, so call on us to solve any mold challenge. Thanks to our powerful mold remediation technology and thanks to the expertise of our staff, we can handle anything.
  • Health: RugSteam eliminates hazardous, toxic mold so it no longer presents a health risk to you, your family, or your employees. Do not leave mold unattended and do not compromise your health–call the mold removal experts today.
  • Green Cleaning: Your health is of very important to us. RugSteam only uses advanced mold removing products that are non toxic and safe for the whole family.
  • Competitive Pricing: Beyond offering clients competitive prices on mold removal services, we are pleased to offer folks special discounts and flexible payment options.
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