Trust Your Water Damaged Carpet to the Professionals at Rugsteam

At RugSteam, we appreciate the stresses that water damage causes. Whether it is a major flood, a burst pipe, or a leak, water damage must be thoroughly cleaned up right away. In addition to doing lasting damage, standing water or wet carpet, rug or upholstery can pose serious risks to one’s health. Thats why RugSteam’s crew of trained, skilled experts is standing ready with professional-grade equipment to thoroughly remove liquids from your rugs, furniture, carpets and upholstery. We also use unique drying agents so as to ensure that all the water has been completely removed.

Small Leak = Big Trouble; Call in the Water Damage Remediation Experts!

Once we have contained your liquid emergency and extracted the water from your furniture, rugs, carpeting and everywhere in between, our technicians will disinfect the affected areas to mitigate the risk of any contamination. Without this important step, water damage can stimulate mold or bacteria infestations, which can pose serious health risks. Indeed, standing water and/or flood waters serve as attractive breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms that contain viruses. These germs and molds that can often become airborne, putting your health in danger.

Even after the initial water is gone, the remaining residue can contain that same bacteria, molds, viruses and more. As such, failure to properly clean that residue, using the appropriate methods and precautions, can actually lead to various lung diseases or infection, since harmful particles can be still be inhaled. Deep cleaning and water extraction with professional grade equipment is essential to dealing with the frustration and danger posed by water damage.

Don’t risk your health by failing to adequately clean dangerous substances from your water damaged rugs, carpets, upholstery and drapery. Call the dependable professionals at RugSteam today. RugSteam is proud of its high safety standards, expertly trained technicians, and professional equipment that will guarantee that everyone at home or at office is protected from the health risks associated with water damage. Water emergencies aren’t just full-flooded basements or burst pipes. Indeed, even small leaks can cause severe problems in your office or home, providing the breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and mildew which can, in effect, lead to respiratory problems in both children and adults. The certified technicians at RugSteam can identify and treat the affected areas caused by water damage no matter how big or small.

Why Call the Water Damage Professionals at Rugsteam?

  • Powerful Water Extraction: We bring you the results you need to get back to the daily swing of life. If you have suffered water damage to the carpets, rugs, furniture and more, no matter how small the leak, contact the friendly professionals at RugSteam today.
  • Safety First: RugSteam guarantees you that our water damage remediation services are safe for everyone in the family. We never use any harsh irritants, and all our equipment is safe for use in homes with small children, pets, or individuals with various respiratory concerns.
  • The Healthy Choice: We make sure that all hazardous materials, such as mold, bacteria and more, is thoroughly removed from affected areas. Thanks to our powerful water extraction and sanitation equipment, we can ensure that your home or office is a safe place to inhabit.
  • Affordable: We understand how stressful water damage is; but we’re here for you, and we are happy to offer you high quality water removal services at a very affordable price.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We offer same day service and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our water damage restoration services.
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