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Does your child sometimes eat food off the carpet? Does your pet enjoy playfully rolling on it? Do you yourself like to take a stretch on your soft, inviting rug? If you and your loved ones are spending time around your carpet, rug, upholstery and more, then, for the sake of everyone’s health, it’s truly important that you ensure that your home is cleaned only with eco-friendly, safe, green cleaning products. Indeed, here at RugSteam, we’ve stepped up and made a clear choice: To only use eco cleaning products that are natural and non-irritating to ensure the health of our clients and employees, and to help preserve the environment as much as we can.

Eco-Cleaning Services by RugSteam

Here at RugSteam we focus on the following:

  • Allergy Prevention

    Over 40 million Americans are harmed by allergens in their own home. If you personally or someone else in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, you already know how many things can cause an allergic reaction or trigger an...
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  • Organic Cleaning

    Keeping everyone safe during the carpet and rug cleaning process is of paramount importance to us at RugSteam. We're proud of the fact that we use only gentle, non-toxic, organic cleaning products in order to ensure the safety of our...

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  • Chemical Free Cleaning

    RugSteam makes it a top priority to use only safe, chemical-free green cleaning products to service your carpet, upholstery, rugs and more. The fact is, most industrial carpet cleaners contain harsh chemicals, and even minimal exposure to such substances can...

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We use ecological, natural cleaning products certified by Green Seal, The Carpet & Rug Institute, and Environmental Choice. Thus, we never use dangerous toxic substances; instead we only use gentle, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and organic products. We never compromise on cleaning power however, which means that you can enjoy a fantastic cleaning job while never, ever putting yourself, your loved ones, or your colleagues at risk. Instead of hazardous substances such as Ethylene glycol monobutyl or Naphthalene, both of which are found in ordinary carpet cleaners and are harmful to the human body, we use organic cleaning agents, like citric acid, table salt, soda ash and more.

What is most important to all of us is your health, which is why we’re proud that we only use eco-friendly, gentle, natural cleaning products. Indeed, your carpet is a central part of your living space–so let your pets cuddle on it and your children play on it with complete peace of mind. Our mission is clear: To supply our customers with superb cleaning services at competitive prices, using only eco-friendly cleaning products. Please learn more about our eco cleaning methodology by contacting us today, and by further exploring our site.

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