Chemical-Free Green Cleaning

RugSteam makes it a top priority to use only safe, chemical-free green cleaning products to service your carpet, upholstery, rugs and more. The fact is, most industrial carpet cleaners contain harsh chemicals, and even minimal exposure to such substances can stimulate respiratory problems, irritation, headaches or worse in some individuals, especially when rooms are not properly ventilated. Of course, not all chemical cleaners are equally dangerous, but keeping track of all those chemical cleaners out there is no easy feat. That’s exactly why we have chosen to eliminate the risks factors, and use only chemical-free cleaning solutions.

Why Chemical-Free Cleaning?

Harsh chemicals which can be harmful to the human body, we believe, have no place in your home or office. It’s just not even a question for us–we value your health and safety above all else. What’s so bad about these chemicals? Well, here are some hazardous substance that are actually found in some chemical cleaners: Perchloroethylene, which causes fatigue, dizziness and nausea if inhaled or ingested; may also cause liver and kidney damage. Next there is Ethylene glycol monobutyl which, when exposed to heat, can release fumes that are toxic and may damage the nervous system. Finally, there is Naphthalene, derived from coal tar, toxic to the central nervous system and may be a carcinogen. These substances must definitely be avoided.

At RugSteam, we say absolutely no to these chemicals, as well as others. We view it as our job to actually make your home or office a safer place to inhabit, which is why we’re proud that we effectively remove dirt, dust, allergens, dust mites and other irritants from your carpet using only chemical-free cleaning products of the highest quality. What we use is naturally-occurring, and may actually be found in your food! For example, our cleaning agents include: Common table salt, citric acid, soda ash, antimicrobial salts and more. These materials are safe for everyone, including pets, children of all ages, seniors, and individuals with allergies or respiratory problems. Moreover, these cleaning products are gentle on the environment, unlike chemical products which can deteriorate the earth.

Go Chemical-Free with RugSteam

We have a mission to keep our community healthy by using chemical-free cleaning products. By choosing to clean with us, you can grant yourself peace of mind, knowing that you’re keeping everyone who steps into your home or office safe with the chemical-free cleaning solutions from RugSteam. Please get in touch with us for consultation, an estimate, and to schedule a free visit by one of our technicians. We offer same day service so if you need fantastic results quick, then give us a call now.

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