Effective Organic Cleaning Solution

Keeping everyone safe during the carpet and rug cleaning process is of paramount importance to us at RugSteam. We’re proud of the fact that we use only gentle, non-toxic, organic cleaning products in order to ensure the safety of our clients, and to reduce our impact on the environment. We offer you the best of both worlds: Effective, powerful cleaning coupled with safe, natural, eco-friendly products.

Why We Go Organic

We care about you, your family’s, and your employees’ health. Babies, children, pets, seniors and those suffering from respiratory issues may be especially sensitive to harsh cleaning products. The fumes released by such products both during cleaning time and afterwards can seriously harm individuals. Thats why RugSteam chooses to use only safe, non-toxic, organic cleaning products that are free of any allergens or irritants.

Using organic products is not only better for you, but it’s actually better for your carpet and/or rug. Toxic cleaning solutions can deteriorate your carpet, rugs, upholstery and draperies. On the other hand, with advanced, non-toxic, organic cleaning methods, you can eliminate the risk factors while still enjoying effective results. Our organic cleaning solutions are ideal for your home or office.

Here at RugSteam, we also deeply care about the environment. Unfortunately, byproducts of toxic cleaning products end up in our air, earth and water, thus damaging precious resources. Harming our environment also means harming every creature that dwells in it, which of course, includes us, as well as all flora and fauna. As such, we feel that we have a responsible to do all we can to protect the environment by using products which least impact it, such as our organic cleaning products.

Since we care for you, your assets, and the environment, we only use organic, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning, repair, restoration, and installation products. Our cleaning solutions also have a pH balance that is very gentle on the environment. Moreover, all our cleaning products even come in packages made from 100% recycled materials. Find out more about our organic cleaning methods by contacting us at anytime.

Go Green with Us!

Join us in our efforts to preserve our health and to protect the environment. Choose us and know with confidence that you are protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your assets by working with the company that uses the highest quality organic products. Indeed, our green cleaners are as ecological as they are effective. The professionals at RugSteam will ensure your office and home stay clean and “green;” Contact RugSteam today for consultation, a free inspection and an obligation-free estimate.

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