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Leather furniture, with it’s majestic beauty, demands regular, professional cleaning so as to remain in top notch form. Even tough-skinned leather furniture needs pro cleaning, since it accumulates day to day dirt. The fact is, ordinary leather cleaners that you just pick up the store are not very effective and can even cause more harm than good to your leather furniture pieces. So, don’t risk harming your leather furniture–call the experts at the RugSteam for comprehensive, dependable leather cleaning services.

Outstanding Leather Cleaners

For a deep clean that lasts, call upon the leather cleaning professionals at RugSteam to thoroughly clean your leather furniture. Professional leather cleaning demands experienced professionals that ensure that no damage befalls upon your leather whilst it is being cleaned. Leather cleaning jobs are generally more sensitive that upholstery cleaning jobs, so don’t risk it–call us at your convenience to schedule a free visit from one of our leather cleaning professionals. Will bring our top-of-the-line leather cleaning equipment and impressive expertise to conduct a thorough leather cleaning job for all your furniture.

RugSteam uses superb leather cleaners, leather moisturizers, and leather protectors to guarantee you that fresh look when we finish our leather cleaning job. Our products are safe not only for your sensitive leather, but also for you and the whole family. We only use non-toxic, green cleaning products that are gentle on the skin, and do not irritate those with respiratory issues. Well take care of your couches, sofas and everything beyond and in between. With professionally cleaned leather furniture, your home or office will look completely rejuvenated. Say goodbye to all that unwanted dirt dwelling on your leather furniture. We work through even the toughest stains and odors, like pet urine, to deliver you fantastic results.

How do we do it? First off, we apply a powerful yet gentle cleaner onto the leather that sucks out all the accumulated dirt. We then heat the leather to open up the pores, and apply our leather moisturizer. Then, after reheating the leather, we finish off with a leather protector that fills in cracks in which dirt tends to accumulate. Although we can certainly deep-clean your furniture and seriously improve it’s condition, some damage is beyond repair. That said, we can handle some serious grime, and we get rid of the dirt that you can’t necessarily see, but you can feel or smell. Please call us now to consult with us and to schedule a free, zero-obligation visit from by one of our experts.

Top Reasons to Choose RugSteam for Your Leather Cleaning Needs:

  • Were Highly Effective: See for yourself the impressive difference we will make to your most valued leather furniture, even with the most challenging stains. Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced technicians, as well as our advanced equipment and leather cleaning products, we can perform an exceptional leather cleaning job you’ll be raving about.
  • Eco Cleaning: We only use green cleaning products that are child-safe and pet-safe, as well as gentle enough for those suffering from respiratory conditions.
  • Healthier Air: We extract pollutants from within the leather, which actually can improve the quality of your indoor air.
  • Competitive Prices: We guarantee you the most competitive prices on the market. With RugSteam, you never need to compromise on high quality for price or vice versa.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We guarantee that you will be pleased and impressed with our leather cleaning services; if you are not 100% satisfied, we will come back for free!
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