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Sure, you try to avoid dirtying your prized oriental rug. You may tell the kids to take off their shoes before they step onto it, or you may ask your cat to be so kind as to not pee on your oriental rug. However, the fact is, oriental rugs tend to accumulate dirt since, after all, they are meant to be walked on, and vacuuming and/or washing your oriental rug just doesn’t do the trick. In fact, improper vacuuming can actually do more harm than good to your oriental rug. This is where we come in: RugSteam properly, effectively and yet gently, cleans your oriental rug so that it’s fresh and new-looking once again. Your rug may is a work of art worth your serious care and attention, so contact us now for consultation, and to plan what’s best for your oriental rug.

Good As New!

Oriental rugs are beautiful, unique pieces, and should be entrusted only to the most expert hands. Here at Rugsteam, we bring in years of experience and deep knowledge to every single oriental rug cleaning job, which means our clients always enjoy flawless results. Our reputation speaks for itself; we diligently clean your oriental rug and ensure that it gets delivered back to you after cleaning in a timely manner. Our technicians are ready to assess your oriental rug in a free visit, and to give you a ballpark estimate. We will consult with you and determine which cleaning methodology would best suit your oriental rug. After all, cleaning oriental rugs is our forte.

What makes RugSteam unique is that we clean oriental rugs very effectively using only eco-friendly and organic products, rather than harsh toxic products other cleaning companies may use. We ensure that you, your family, your friends, colleagues and your pets are breathing in healthy air both by using natural cleaning products, and by removing unwanted filth, bacteria, dust, allergens and more from your oriental rug. We do so by carefully sanitizing, deodorizing, and treating your rug for stains, mold and mildew. We then apply a non-toxic yet highly effective stain-repelling coating onto your oriental rug. Once our mission is complete, you will enjoy an oriental rug that looks crisp and fresh, and you will actually be breathing in cleaner air. In fact, those with asthma or allergies will especially benefit from routine (every 6-12 months) professional rug cleaning services.

Why RugSteam for Your Oriental Rug?

  • Healthier Products: We only use child-safe and pet-safe cleaning products that are organic and non-toxic.
  • Healthier Air: We eliminate virtually all allergens and pollutants found in oriental rugs, so you can enjoy cleaner air after we have completed our job.
  • Crystal Clear Results: You will see the clear, bright difference we will make to the feel, look, and smell of your oriental rug, thanks to our detail-oriented staff and superior rug cleaning equipment. A deep-cleaned oriental rug will enliven your home or office space.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: Because we are certain that you will be very pleased with our cleaning job, we offer customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that we guarantee that we will return to your office or home for free until you are wholly satisfied.
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