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Rugs: Soft and inviting, you step onto one every single day, either at your home, in your office, or both. Indeed, rugs play a special role in our lives–they are always there, quietly taking the brunt of day-to-day life. Area rugs are exposed to a host of grime, dust, danders, bacteria, allergens and much more, which means that deep rug cleaning, far more than a mere luxury, is actual a critical necessity for all rug owners. So, rejuvenate your dining room rug, (who knows how many meals are buried in that rug!) and let your children play freely on your home rugs, knowing that they are safe from any pollutants or allergens. Take advantage of the cleaning services offered by RugSteam, the most dependable area rug cleaners.

Why We Clean and How We Do It

Area rugs must withstand a great deal of day to day foot traffic, and are hotspots for things like dust mites, dirt, allergens, hair, pet danders and much more. These unwanted elements get trapped within the rug fibers, taking away from the aesthetics of your rug, and dirtying your indoor air. Although regular vacuuming and washing is important, neither will effectively deep-clean your area rug and remove unhealthy materials from your living or work environment. Thats why you should call in the specialists at RugSteam–to expertly deep-clean your rug for long lasting results you can see, feel, smell and peacefully breath in.

As the Tri-State Area’s most renowned rug cleaner, RugSteam delivers you skillfully executed rug cleaning services you can always count on. We use the most advanced, powerful cleaning equipment and products available on the market. Most importantly, however, is that we only use non-toxic, green and even organic cleaning solutions to ensure your health and that of our employees, and in order to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.

Each rug is unique and only a skilled, experienced eye can determine how best to clean your rug. The RugSteam specialists thoroughly inspect and analyze your area rug, accessing it’s condition, material type and other unique properties. Next, the crew carefully sanitizes, deodorizes, and treats your rug for spots, stains, mold and mildew. Finally, we apply an effective, non-toxic, stain-repelling coating onto your rug. As a result, we improve the air quality of your home or office, and successfully remove stubborn stains and odors from all your area rugs. We never consider our area rug cleaning job completed until you are absolutely satisfied–that is our guarantee. Get in touch with us to schedule a free, no-obligation rug inspection and estimate, or for any general consultation.

The RugSteam Advantages:

  • Eco Cleaning: We always use non-toxic cleaning tools that are safe for everyone, including babies and pets.
  • Healthier Air: We extract virtually all pollutants and allergens found dwelling in area rugs, so you can take a deep breath of fresh air after we have had your rug cleaned.
  • Powerful Cleaning: Simply put, you will see the outstanding difference we will make to the look, smell and feel of your area rug, thanks to our meticulous staff and superior cleaning technology. A clean rug will freshen up your home or office and truly beautify your space.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We will return to your home or office free of charge if you are not wholly satisfied with your rug cleaning. (Although we are sure you will be!)
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